Friday, June 20, 2008

School Mornings

This picture is about 3 yrs old.....and apparently I was famous so I was incognito!!
I haven't any idea why I chose to wear that hat and those Jackie O sun glasses. But I do know that's a Pirate Ship sunset cruise and they serve free rum punch!! Ahoy Matey!!

Psst dude....dude behind us you mind getting the hell outta my family picture?!!
The Little People of my world conspire to keep me happy. It really is a beautiful thing. Now I know school is out but let me tell you story about school mornings.
I have four kids. And there was a time when they went to 3 different schools at 3 different times. For 7 years I got up and made breakfast, got homework together, made sure teeth and hair was brushed . A very busy busy time of day are our mornings.
Well I thought we were chugging along just fine but apparently we weren't. BUD MAN came to me and said that the kids were old enough to start doing most of the mornings by themselves ( something about all the tears and stress.I was glad he was seeing the difficulty of my job but he was talking about the kids!!!!)......and maybe I should stay in bed till 15 or 20 min before they all had to be driven to school................OH YEA THIS IS TOTALLY GONNA WORK FOR ME JUST FINE. This has evolved into me staying in bed till the door shuts on their tiny hinys (and perhaps just perhaps slightly longer......hey they're at school what the hell do I have to jump out of bed for?!) Now sometimes my lil chickens forget that I'm still in the house listening to everything they're doing and of course a fight breaks out! Well there are 4 of them. I try to stay out of it though....I could give you all a line of shit about how I'm teaching them to work out problems for themselves.........but really I'm just to damn lazy to get up! Hey don't judge me people!!!!! You'd stay in bed if you could to!!!! Oh yes you would!! Don't lie!!!!
Deep breathes.......phew that was close I just about had to bust some blogging ass.......hmmm.....what day of the month is it? Anyway back to my story...

They start to argue about something ...........Love bug decides she can't take anymore of the others bull crap and does the inexcusable.......she brings it to me. I can literally hear the other kids trying to beg her to stop. Now they decide to I could not hear the argument that just took place at very highest decimal their voices can go.

Now I'm up. And I announce it just like that.
Now I'm up!!!

As my chicklets all scramble to look busy I hear ....Thanks alot Love Bug......I think my chicklets may have ganged up on her later that day 'cause for the rest of the week I heard not a peep.......really not one peep!!


Pleasing Procrasinator said...

LOL...Okay, 7 years? And I know how the added touch wrapping paper on those bedroom doors block out the sounds and sights of your home.

Keeper Of All Things said...

Listen PP......your just jelouse cause I had the good sense to have my chicklets when I was young and dumb......ok maybe I'm still a lil dumb.......but still they can do mornings by themselves cause they are old enough.....
LOL......I called you PP!!!
ok so maybe I act young at times too
Still love ya

Grandma J said...

I cringe at the thought of juggling those school day mornings with my four. Could never imagine doing it today.