Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Reason 2,891 Why I love BudMan!!

Ay Yep , that's us and our friends!!! It was a Pimp and Ho party. Everyone flipped it except me. I guess I'm just a Ho a heart!! Can you guess witch one is BudMan?!!

There he is !!!!! My man didn't go as no high class Ho. No no, he went as a nasty South side, seven Eleven, dirty feet porno Ho!! And no that's not me , you bitches!!! But the Bunny does make a pretty girl huh? I'm down in front in pink.
Took me two days to cure that hangover and to shower!!!! I'm a little nasty myself.
I drink a Toast to my friends ( but really I'll drink to anything )
They are not afraid to put it all out there!!!!!!
Oh shit I forgot to tell you the best part.....BudMan has oranges with baby nipples taped to them for boobs!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Cheer Is Not Here!!!

My life is going by to fast.
Where did all my little ones go?
No one believes in Santa ......except for the last........
And that's only for show!!!

My kids are spoiled
At times,even rotten
Oh what a coil...
Their to big to beat their bottom!!!!

I worry , I fret
I don't know what to get

The 16yr old wants a car.
The 12yr old wants to be a star
The 11yr old wants a horse
And the 9yr old wants everything of course!!!!

Remember the days when Christmas was new?
When you knew just what to do.

I remember the days when my babies were young
When Santa was real
And all the whistles and bells were rung
I knew how to just feel !!!

Find the perfect gift !!!!
I try
That's just a myth !!!
I cry

Brandy and egg nog , It's just what I need
A little bit of down time, just for me.
I'll read a book and drink a beer
I'll find that damn Holiday Cheer!!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

Cheer Girl and LoveBug had a birthday yesterday.......16 and 11. Yes I guess we all know what I've got on my mind at least one time a year. Apparently I go into heat. When Cheer Girl told her friends that it was also her sisters birthday...they joked that they must be twins. Hmmmm..... Yes now that I think about it I was in labor for 5 years!!!!

Anyway.....I have some advice to tell you . If you are......thirty (cough) something......and have your 16yr old standing next to you , looking all BAM 20!!!!!..............people don't believe that your 29!!! Well let me tell you I AM!!!! Don't judge me.....you don't know ....maybe I was a really promiscuous girl!!