Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Pictures Of Suwannee Jamfest

The fun begins!!!!!!

We were still setting up when......thats right ......a stripper pole come through!!!!!

This is our golf cart!!!! G-spot made the wheel on top. The game is spin the wheel and do what it says.

It says .....Flash (of course)
Jello shot ( we gave out jello shots cause there is always room for jello!!!!!!)
Fantasy ( give ideas.........um I mean Tell us your fantasy)
Talent ( show us what you can do!)
Beads ( our friend bought the neatest beads to pass out!!!)

Bud Man and I drinking watching John Anderson.


Our personal Cowboys!!!!!

My beer is dangerously low!!!!

Blake Shelton. Man is he tall

Boobie Surprise!!!!!

She got carded!!!!!!!

Cruising on the golf cart

To much fun.....ask me who was preforming on stage.
Go ahead......ask me.
I Have No Idea!!!!! To busy partying in the crowd!!!!

Apparently Bud Man was busy with his own party!!!!!

Ahhh.......but we always hooked back up!!!

Hmmm....I'm starting to see a theme.

I have a glow necklace!!!!

Finally we watch the performers!!!

Man titties........not just for girls!!!

Someone was naughty!!!

Checking cooler for shots and drinks before cruising!!

You can't really tell but this is Bud Man pissing off the back of the golf cart!!!!

While we're DRIVING!!!!!

Women over a certain age should NOT wear ruffles!!!!

So what did my friends do?????
They went and bought me a ruffled skirt!!!!

And I rocked that skirt..........for all of 15 min!!!!!!!!

The sign was getting loose from all the spinning!!!

Holy Shit ladies!!!!! Do you see him?!!!!
I called him Cowboy T.........for testosterone!!!!
Shit that boy was nothing but eye candy!!!


Heres my man talking about "he takes steroids and probably has tiny nads."
Like I care!!!!! Hello ....not going in his pants anyway..........can't get past the chest.........and what a chest it is!!!!

G-Spot and me!!

Psst.....G-Spot!!! I put this in here for you!!!!

Yes.........I flashed later but Bud Man was to slow with the camera!!!

Bud Man had to be told his sign was upside down!!!!!! How embarrassing!!!

Big trucks playing in the mud!!!


Yep!!!!! That my friends is a dedicated Cowgirl . Pink Chevy truck!!!!

Cowboy T stopped the cart for a spin!!!

Oh yea ladies.....its as tight as it looks.........

I should know....I spanked it!!

One of the singers David Cooler!!

I think you've met The Drunk Keeper before.....


Jacking off by the fire!!

What a great time we had!!!
It was nothing but Jacked-up golf carts , rednecks as far as the eye could see and country music.............and I was loving every minute of it!!!!!!
See ya next year!!!!!