Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Shhhh............Do you hear that??
What?? You don't hear anything??
That's because after feeding my children a very nutritious dinner of egg sandwiches they left to go to practice.
All 4 of them!!!!!
Hubby's working late tonight..........
Its so QUIET....
I think I'll open a box of Ho Hos and read a book........
Ahhhh the joys of Motherhood......

Monday, May 10, 2010

The day after

I've got about 3 hours of cleaning house from my "Day Off" !!!!

Happy Effin after Mothers Day to me!!!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Big things have been going on!!

This is the newest edition to our family!!! Pebbles , our Scarlet Macaw. Shes only about 7 weeks in this picture.
Cheer competition in Daytona for May May. If you look real hard she's the one flying on the right. She blends in with the banner.

Ravens' first car. Well first Truck.

Ravens' Jr Prom.

May and Raven goofing off at competition.

We start cheer all over again next week!!! This year Prince Charming decided he wants to try. Lord help us all!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010


The stuff I say to my kids.

Said to my 13 yr old May May..........

Is your asshole jealous that your mouth is talking shit again????"

Oh the pearls of wisdom that I come up with

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snows Coming!!!!

Watching all the news about the weather this morning kinda gave me a excited feeling in my gut. Everybody in "buckle down" mode.
The weatherman saying "Stay inside people. Don't go outside!"
Mmmmmm all I could think about was "Yes I will stay inside .....maybe make myself a nice cocoon in bed and spend the next couple of days reading and eating eggs, drinking milk,eating bread and butter, cause everyone knows this is what you get a the grocery store before a big snow storm.

But then I remembered I live in Florida now and all I get is cold wet shit weather!!!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh how the growing processes pains me!!!!

Luvbug,my middle daughter, got a cell phone for Christmas.

She was very excited!!

The rule in my house is.......I can and do check texts at will.

What did you say?

NO!!! It is not an evasion of privacy. After all I pay for the damn thing!!!! Sheese back off , these are not your children!

Ok where was I?


So I check Luvbugs cell. And what do I find, but texts to a boy!!!

This is how it goes....

Luvbug text.......

R we boyfreind n girlfreind ? Or freinds with benefits?

WTF???? I know!!! I was as shocked as you .

I mean shes 12!!

12 years old for gods sake...........and she doesn't know how to spell FRIENDS yet????

Shocking !!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Don't you hate it when you text someone and they call you?!
And then your stuck answering the phone or lying to them.

I mean Really??? Really!!!

If I wanted to talk to you .....................I would have called you!!!

But no. I texted you. That means I don't want to talk to you but now you've put me in a spot where I have to lie.
That's right!!!!! You make me lie to you!!
A really elaborate lie where I have to come up with an excuse why I can texted but can't talk directly on my phone.
I mean seriously people.......I want to be honest.
I do. Really. But your forcing me to lie. It's just not fair to me.
Then I have to remember the lie. And I think we all know I'm not that smart!!! So then you catch me in the lie.
Now your pissed. When really this whole thing started because YOU didn't know the rules. Which is not my fault!!! So you really shouldn't be mad.

For those of you that know me in real life know exactly what I'm talking about.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Parenting 101

Conflict Resolution

Goal: To teach your children how to resolve a problem without resorting to name calling or violence, and to be able to do it on there own.

Set-up: Two of my children get into an argument (May May and Prince Charming) It ends with Prince Charming thinking he has won and May May stomping off..........No name calling , no hitting, best of all no me involved.
Problem solved right?

Later that night my brother (Hippie Brother) Come to me and says
"Do you know what May May did to Prince Charming?)"

Me "No I don't .....but if they didn't tattle to me they didn't want or need me to be involved"

Hippie Brother "Yea but it's really gross."
Then he proceeds to tell me what happen.

Sporty Girl, having lost the argument went to the liter box and found a nice piece of cat shit, covered in liter, and put it in Prince Charming's bed. Problem solved............till Hippie Uncle ratted them out.
Sooooo......now I have to get the perpetrators and have a talk.(over BudMans laughter)
Apparently this has been going on for some time now, cause in the end they all ratted each other out and said they all had done this to each other.

But still in the end I think I did my job in the first place..........
No violence.........................check
No name calling...................check
Solve problems on your own...........check.

Yep..........I've done my job!!!!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Budman and I at his award ceremony.
He was 2nd in the nation!!!!
And yes two of those drinks behind me are mine.
Hey........ can I help it if the line for the open bar was to long???

Monday, June 29, 2009

Strange Question overheard in my house

"Alright......who put Christ on speed dial ???"

I have an electronic phonebook on my cordless phone and Christ's phone number showed up on it.

Hmmm.......I should give him a call............

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Heres Cheer Girl doing some riding
And her best friend.....

The girls together!!!

Day at the beach with friends

Monday, May 18, 2009

Confirming I'm an idiot

I just want to let all my Blogger friends to know.......I can be blond at times.
Shocking I know!!!!
Here's the latest..................

With Bud Man working in sales and the economy being what it is we've taken a slight hit to our budget..............and by slight hit I mean we are both sporting black eyes!! So I've taken over doing the bills and the budget so Bud Man can concentrate on the big stuff ..........like bringing in more fucking money!!
Now Friends I haven't paid the bills or worried about paying bills in 15yrs.
That's right I said 15yrs!!! So I'm bound to make mistakes right? RIGHT!
Last paycheck I was crunching numbers when I found out I had to come up with an extra 1000 for Cheer girls school!!!! UGH !!!
So I start my list.......
Bills that have to be paid.
Bills that can wait to be paid.
Bills I can't afford to pay the late fees.
Bills that I don't care for the tone of your "reminder" letters.
Bills that "you called and got bitchy with me so your name isn't even going into the hat!"
You know........ an evaluation of bills?

Well my paper was looking pretty messed up so I decided to start on a fresh piece of paper................and forgot to put my car payment on the list!!!!!!
So......my car payment is late. (sigh)

On to this weeks bills................
Add it all up and found out I had extra money.
Wow........I'm good!!!
Then before I went to pay bills.............thought I'd add it up one more time.......
And realized I forgot to push the one button......1000 dollar mistake!!!!!
Just glad I caught it in time!!!!

My appreciation of Bud Man doing the bills for the last 15 yrs has grown tremendously.............but Shhh don't tell him that !!! He'll just get all smirky. Yea smirky is a word.
Anyone else have some good bill paying stories???

But I did have a ray of sunshine Pleasing Procrastinator came for a visit!!!!
I'll post some pictures later.

If you want a really good laugh go to 47 and starting over !!!