Monday, May 18, 2009

Confirming I'm an idiot

I just want to let all my Blogger friends to know.......I can be blond at times.
Shocking I know!!!!
Here's the latest..................

With Bud Man working in sales and the economy being what it is we've taken a slight hit to our budget..............and by slight hit I mean we are both sporting black eyes!! So I've taken over doing the bills and the budget so Bud Man can concentrate on the big stuff bringing in more fucking money!!
Now Friends I haven't paid the bills or worried about paying bills in 15yrs.
That's right I said 15yrs!!! So I'm bound to make mistakes right? RIGHT!
Last paycheck I was crunching numbers when I found out I had to come up with an extra 1000 for Cheer girls school!!!! UGH !!!
So I start my list.......
Bills that have to be paid.
Bills that can wait to be paid.
Bills I can't afford to pay the late fees.
Bills that I don't care for the tone of your "reminder" letters.
Bills that "you called and got bitchy with me so your name isn't even going into the hat!"
You know........ an evaluation of bills?

Well my paper was looking pretty messed up so I decided to start on a fresh piece of paper................and forgot to put my car payment on the list!!!!!! car payment is late. (sigh)

On to this weeks bills................
Add it all up and found out I had extra money.
Wow........I'm good!!!
Then before I went to pay bills.............thought I'd add it up one more time.......
And realized I forgot to push the one button......1000 dollar mistake!!!!!
Just glad I caught it in time!!!!

My appreciation of Bud Man doing the bills for the last 15 yrs has grown tremendously.............but Shhh don't tell him that !!! He'll just get all smirky. Yea smirky is a word.
Anyone else have some good bill paying stories???

But I did have a ray of sunshine Pleasing Procrastinator came for a visit!!!!
I'll post some pictures later.

If you want a really good laugh go to 47 and starting over !!!


ModernMom said...

It's the things like the whopping dental bills that send me on tilt. I had no idea keeping our teeth from falling out of our head could be so expensive. I have no idea what our dental plan covers, but apparently it's not what I budgeted for!

Grandma J said...

I think you should apply for a stimulus bail out.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

What Grandma J said!

Julie said...

Thanks for linking to me, doll!!!! I'd pay you for it, but you'd just lose track of the money. ROFLMAO.

kristi said...

Send me an e mail if you want to read my new private blog. My e mail is


mom x 2 said...

I'm so glad that the Salesman pays the bills. I hate to pay them, it just pisses me off!!!!!

I agree with Grandma J and NNG.

Philly said...


These are the bills that must get paid in my home.

Snooty Primadona said...

I have no earthly idea what hubby is doing when he says he's going to the office to pay bills on the weekend. However, he has relayed to me that is what keeps the air conditioner cranking, which is my main menopausal concern.


PinkPiddyPaws said...

are you kidding me? If I didn't have Quickbooks to track all that crap AND online banking to double check the quickbooks I'd be lost..lost..lost. I can't even imagine balancing a checkbook by hand! :)