Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh how the growing processes pains me!!!!

Luvbug,my middle daughter, got a cell phone for Christmas.

She was very excited!!

The rule in my house is.......I can and do check texts at will.

What did you say?

NO!!! It is not an evasion of privacy. After all I pay for the damn thing!!!! Sheese back off , these are not your children!

Ok where was I?


So I check Luvbugs cell. And what do I find, but texts to a boy!!!

This is how it goes....

Luvbug text.......

R we boyfreind n girlfreind ? Or freinds with benefits?

WTF???? I know!!! I was as shocked as you .

I mean shes 12!!

12 years old for gods sake...........and she doesn't know how to spell FRIENDS yet????

Shocking !!!