Friday, June 20, 2008

Help T-Shirt Hell

Hey, Bud Mans angle for this picture n Victorias secret is really working for me!!!!!
I bought this shirt cause I thought it was funny......but then I got to thinking about it and I realized ............I have no fucking clue as to what it means!!!!! I'm serious. As you might have guess I'm a real blond.

So I was going to have a few drinks with neurotically yours and her sis-in-law. I ask them what they thought it meant. They really didn't have a answer......meanwhile men at bar overhearing our conversation are trying to hide their laughter.......A blond asking 2 brunettes to explain the shirt shes wearing.(the girls might want to lay off on the coloring of their seems to be effecting their thought process ) But I don't care it has become a quest. I need your help. Can anyone tell me what the hell my shirt means?


Sue said...

I'm guessing "nature" = "natural blonde" ???????? I'm also guessing the boobage is eclipsing any notice of hair color.

Anonymous said...

LMAO...It's neuroticallyyours sister in law checking in...that post is hysterical. My mom always said I was the darkest blonde she's ever met.

gaining some lb's said...

I dont have a fucking clue.
I ask Big F...he said something about hair dye.
So again...I have no fucking clue.