Thursday, June 19, 2008

Packing for Vacation

Sister Soldier
I'm mad!!! Really mad. It's the pre vacation madness that hits the week before we leave. And because Sister Soldier and BUD MAN seem to be vying for first place,I've decided to determine a winner and give the prize!! The prize being a embarrassing story for today's blog. Now I really think BUD MAN is a overachiever in competing to piss me off so of course he locked this one down tight.
What did he do? You ask
Lets just say it involved his complete disregard of any I opinion I had on readying ourselves yesterday! Me! Me! The one who's been packing up 4 kids for family vacations for the past 15 yrs. Hrmph......what an ass..........did I say that out loud?
OK OK!! Settle down do goody housewives I'm not even gonna come close to the really good stories.

About 10 yrs ago when we lived a couple of hours from his parents house BUD MAN decided to drag ...I mean take me there,I could soooo get side tracked with the whole in-law thing but I'll save those stories ,this is what happen when we left.

We load up kids ,babies and bags. Its winter so this kinda sucks (Indiana). Say the hour long good-byes.(theres a hour I'll never get back). As we are backing out of the drive way, of course he is still talking to The In-Laws
He's looking behind us with his head out the window saying good bye and backing up and I see...............his shoulders twitch. Hmmm...whats this? as he pulls his head in and looks at me (like a dear in headlights) it ucures to me what just happen.
Can you guess?
Think about it!
Here it comes !!!
He rolled his head up in the window!!!!!
Did you..............did you just roll your head up in the window??!!!! laughing hysterically............You did!!!!!
You just rolled your own head up in the window!!!
At this point there really is no controlling me!!!!
Tears (and maybe just alil bit of pee) escape me.
As I finally calmed down.........a thought runs through my mind.........if I seen his shoulders twitch...............what the hell did his parents see standing not 5 ft from the truck?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh man I definitely peed a lil on that thought!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm giggling right now just thinking about it.
Well that's when I knew BUD MAN was NOT the multi-tasking kinda guy. He has other super powers but I'm not in the mood to play nice today so I'll save those stories for a later time.
Soo.....the moral of this blog.......don't mess with me . I have dirt, and I'm not afraid of sharing!!


Neurotically Yours: said...

I've heard the story a hundred times and it still cracks me up!!

wife of budmans twin! said...

<-------Shaking head!! Will it ever end? No.....I'm sure this is the way it's suppose to be. The stories are many. And, he will piss her off again! There will be another headliner. He (BUDMAN) can not....and I mean can not help himself!! What the hell....he's good for a laugh....a really long laugh.....I might even encourage you to tell more!! Yes, cudo's to you for sharing!!

Snooty Primadona said...

Okay, you are SO my favorite new blog! We have so much in common that it's scary. I try to be nice on my blog so that people will... you know... think I'm nice. Frankly, I'm not that nice. That will get you doormat status at my house. I shoot the finger at drivers that piss me off, I cuss @ everything & everyone even if I do it alone in the bathroom, I love a clean house but don't want to be the one that gets it there, I live for my 5:00 pm cocktails, and my hubby (intelligent man that he is) has absolutely no common sense whatsoever. He's the one that bought me a brand new Suburban & when it was 2 weeks old, he took off without remembering that he'd just been looking under the hood & had not closed it. The result, as you can guess, was the hood flew up as he was flying down the street, severely denting it & nearly killing him. As much as I can't stand morons, it's amazing that we've been married 30 years, lol. Good thing he's book smart, huh? If he didn't read my blog... Oh, the stories I could tell.

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

I have to agree with neurotically yours, I have heard this story so many times yet I still LMAO. I love your man even more because of the amusement he provides so freely.

gaining some lb's said...


ok I just peed my pants! Times like that you wish you had a video camera running. Dumbasses LOL


Keeper Of All Things said...

Mrs Snooty...I cuss like a sailor and drink like a Mic..(Kid Rock)... I don't even need other people in the room for me to have a whole conversation of bitching.....I is what I is...

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

I was thinking your family would provide for some good entertainment but the in-law stories, oh those are good.