Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mr.Ed That Talking Jack Ass!!!

With us getting ready to go on this years vacation I'd thought I'd tell ya about the talking horse that we seen on last years vacation.
We decided to stop in Cherokee for a couple of days before we got on the houseboat and do some white water rafting and horseback riding. Things I had booked online months in advance. The morning we were to go horseback riding the Little People were very excited.So we piled into the truck and off in the mountains we went' but the day didn't turn out exactly as I planned.As we arrived at the ranched and approached the barn where the ranch hands were ,one of them was looking at BUD MAN dubiously.
Turns out there's a weight limit!! And BUD MAN just missed it by 20 pounds.
Which totally explains what I heard as we were walking up to the barn........

Mr. Ed.......Neighhhhhh.....naaayyyyy.......noooo fucking wayyyyyyyy
I had no idea Mr.Ed had such a potty mouth!!!

Don't worry about BUD MAN cause I told him
Save a horse
Ride a cowgirl!!!!!!!


Pleasing Procrasinator said...

LOL,, Apparently that can even be a little dangerous. Great post.

gaining some lb's said...

Poor Bud Man.
Big F has the same problemo.
Hence the name.


gaining some lb's said...

ummmmm you seriously need to blog about the Phantom Shitter you commented about on The Color of Home's page. Make for some really good crap.....LOL


Keeper Of All Things said...

IB"S I did blog about the phantom shitter go back to 5/11 POOP OR SCOOP?

gaining some lb's said...

re; the phantom shitter lol.
ok i need to go back in your posts. I havent read that far yet.