Thursday, June 26, 2008


I thought I'd put this one up again for Holy Crappers

.I think the title clues all in on what this is about, but just in case I'll tell ya. I happen to have an extraordinarily high number of stories of poo ,and no I'm not talking about that SILLY OLE BEAR. I'm talking straight up shit.Well I do have 3 lil' Princess Peabodies running around and 1 Prince Peabody!!!! So I thought I'd share some of them with you.
I also have the most stupid facts and little known things floating around in my head. So I thought if I told you all ..well then ......YOU could then have stupid facts floating in your head.
Let's start with THE POOP.
We have an incredible phenomenon in our house. I'll go into the bathroom ...and there it is ........a toilet full of shit. So I go to where my children are and ask very nicely "Who was in the bathroom last?"
NOT ME, NOT ME , NOT ME ,(Teenager covers phone) NOT ME .
"Could you all come with me?"

So there we are all gathered around the toilet full of shitt.
Now my children are looking at me as if I'm the talking toilet full of shit!
Then they start to account their whereabouts.When they can see that's not working they start to tell on each other. The whole thing ands up with someone yelling(usually me) someone crying (usually one of them)and just have to say THE PHANTOM SHITTER strikes again.
I'll let you in on a lil' secret .
THE PHANTOM SHITTER has been known to travel.


Bahama Shores Mama: said...

This post was missing a picutre........just kidding!!!! Please, oh please, keeper of the Phantam Shitter.......keep the Phantam Shitter from coming my way. We have enough to deal with the Ghost who must startle my boys EVERY time they pee which then causes them to pee all over the bathroom. It's gross and I'm tired of it!

Thanks for the laughs this morning.

Happy Mother's Day...from all your Phantam Shitters!

karen said...

I need to share a story about the phantom shitter myself. This weekend we had three unexpected house guests. They arrived in the middle of the night- drunk and carrying in a passed out partier. They departed at dawn. I actually never saw them...but they did leave a parting thank you gift. I life the toilet seat and what do I find? The phantom shitter had hit our house.

Well Behaved Krissy said...

HAHAHAHAHAH!!! This was funny! We have a fantom pee-er in our house (I think it might be me?!)

PinkPiddyPaws said...

ha..ha.ha... Yes.. but my question is this... "Was there corn?" because it seems to me that there is ALWAYS CORN! ha..ha.ha... :)

Big Hair Envy said...

I am laughing too hard to type right now!!! hahaha! How can I even begin to follow a comment about CORN?!!!

Holy Crappers said...

I hate when there is corn !!


Grandma J said...

One of my kids was afraid to flush because they might fall and get sucked down with the poop.

gaining some lb's said...

LOL I love that story!!!
And the fact that it travels....guess shit has frequent flyer miles???

One time sista#1 found a shitty diaper in a huge vase after a party. Still dont know who did it.

THEN, the day my brother passed away, someone took a shit in the trashcan at my moms house. LOL

shit stories are great! Thanks for sharing.


Snooty Primadona said...

Ok sweetie, you are funny as hell and I'm adding you to my blogroll immediately. You are definitely worth a daily read for me. Funny shit, so to speak.