Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kenny you rock me!!! The Concert

Oh Kenny !!!
Don't look now but Creepy Kenny Clone is right behind you!!!

Bud Man and I are relatively sober ......for now!!
These are words to live by!!!Will the real Kenny please .....umm...sit down?!I said sit down.... not bend over !!!

Key West is in my Boobs!!

And to get to Nashville turn right at the sign .....then its just straight up my Hoochi

Working on my buzz

Party in the parking lot!!
If you look real hard someone brought a stripper pole!!
Oh yea!! Hold me back!! Cause you bitches will never get me off once I start!!

To the right is a long lane of traffic......
So of course my friend did what she could to help a weary traveler !!!

That sticker sure did get around
Boy!!!!!! You got dat crazy look in your eye!!

How the hell did it get here?!!

Oh yea I stuck it there!

Tongue time!!

Miranda Lambert Rocked It!!!

Ahhhh.....there's the buzz we were looking for all night!!!!

I seem to be empty....could you go get me a beer?

Bud Man did go get me a beer and was gone for an hour!!!

He got lost......hehehe.........apparently that drunk buzz wasn't really working to his benefit at the time....

Man was he pissed off when he finally found us again!!!

And he drank half my beer!!!!!

Ahhhh.....the reason we are here.....
Can you see him?

Can you??

Yea I couldn't really see him.......but man was I rockin out!!!


My Metabolic Rate is Stuck said...

AND you didnt invite US! Gotta get one of those hats too!

Loalled said...

hey, just came across your blog too! well, i visisted someone elses and left a comment and saw your kittycat avatar.
i am expanding my blogs reads, lol.

just had to comment on the cat. is he/she yours i am guessing. well, must say he is a cutie. great markings. we have four, one of which has similar markings to yours.


Bahama Shores Mama said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all........

and I'm sure I'll find that sticker when I come over today :)

The Incredible Woody said...

Looks like a great time!!!

PinkPiddyPaws said...

ha..ha.ha. were you still buzzed when you wrote this? ;)

Looks like a great time was had by all.

Janie said...

Gotta love that Kenny man! I bet y'all had a great time.

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

Hahaha..I recognize that buzz look upon you and the one with you holding your cup out for Budman to refill. I looks like you had a great time.
Did you guys make it up to the field the next morning?

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I don't know why I thought this funny, I hope you mean it to be, but you have a total party and build up to a concert and then one picture of a small stage at the end where you couldn't see the guy. BUT! It looks like you had a good time and that's the important thing.

Do you still have the sticker? :)

sista #2 said...

Well, looks like you sinners had a grand ole time.



Dr Zibbs said...

Great pics. Someone offered me free tickets to his concerts a few months ago and I said no because I was too busy. I'm such a dope.