Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What happen to my shampoo?

I got in the shower this morning and went to shampoo my hair, as I squeezed out the shampoo .....it's mostly water!!!!!............those damn kids..(yes I turned into the villain in a scooby doo cartoon)..
So I got to thinking who was in the shower last?......My first thought is....Prince Charming
His last shower was...........
he showered when we went to................
Hmmmmm...that's funny I can't remember the last time he showered.
When I got out, I asked him
"When was your last shower?"
"What?".......he's buying time............a trick he learned from his Dad
"When is the last time you showered?"
"Oh yea........I was going to shower last night........but.......I ......mumbling"
" I don't know"
Now Bud Man steps up to help him out.Guess he figures being the only two males in the Keep of Women they should stick together.
"Didn't you take one Friday?".......which is still 4 days ago!!!
I guess it was a male bonding moment between them 'cause Prince C says
"Oh yea that's right"
Now don't they know by now that my Super Powers include knowing when anyone in the family is lying?!!!
I'll have to let this one slide.
But on the bright side Prince C was in the pool. Chlorine cleaned him....right?
Well that's what I'm going with!!!
Oh yea...I still don't know who watered my shampoo!!!


Big Hair Envy said...

HAHAHA! Thank goodness for a chlorinated pool! Don't you just love how guys always find a way to cover each other's backs???

My shampoo usually isn't watered down. When I go to wash my hair, it's just EMPTY!! Sort of like the toilet paper, the juice......

Mental P Mama said...

Arrrrgh! Stinkin' kids. To get the slide show, you need to create an account at www.flickr.com and upload your pictures. It's fairly easy to do. I know this because I was able to do it;) Then you can load it in to blogger in the layout options...let me know if you have any questions. I can try to help... BTW, Thanks for the visit.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Ewwwwww.... what is up with that??? No showers? ick! ick! ick!!!! I guess the chlorine will have to suffice, but still.. stinky feet.. blech! :)


But now, the watered down shampoo - that indeed is a mystery!

Beth said...

I hate it when that happens. Sad thing is, I have no kids or hubby to blame. Those damn cats!

Holy Crappers said...

Boys never take showers. Mine is 17 and I still have to ask him when the last time he showered, and I too get the answer,,,,I was in the pool all day !!!


Pleasing Procrasinator said...

Everyone here has their own hair supplies and body soap, including Peepers. You do have to make sure you remove it from the shower after you are done tho otherwise, yep, yours will get used.
Bud Man does that because he is thinking, 'Hmmm..Is she going to turn this around onto me?' I can see him thinking to himself, for the Love of GOD, I had better hurry and answer.
You know that's why you bought a house with a pool. It works.

Grandma J said...

Before I lived alone, I never left my good shampoo in the shower! I took it with me,and kept it with other stuff that I had to hide like my razor, tweezers, hair shaper....it's the only way, I swear!

Lori said...

Chlorine always keeps you clean. And you smell good too!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Yeah, if it isn't the shampoo watered down, which by the way is done by the same evil monster who steals the mate to all white socks so that you end up with one basket full of white socks with no matches....then it is the soap all watered down. Then, it's the razor all worn down with no spare anywhere in sight.

This same evil monster is also the one who makes absolutely certain that YOU are the only person in the entire state who can replace an empty roll of toilet paper.

I know. I know this very well. And thus far I do not have a legal solution to the problem.

sista #2 said...

Guys dont care....
They smell...
They are o.k. with that..
Chlorine does the job just fine they say...
The skanks that they are