Sunday, July 13, 2008

I have questions

I have questions about my bloggy friends.
First question goes to Holy Crappers
How in the hell do you keep a secret?!!!
I don't have any secrets because I tell all (much to the delight of Bud Man).......I can't keep a secret!!!(just ask Pleasing Procrastinator)
Sometimes I don't even mean to just sorta pops out.
I don't know how you keep the blog a secret.
I talk to my friends about it all the time.
And now here is the really important question for Holy Crappers
How....Oh you intend to explain how you know Pleasing Procrastinator and myself when we show up at your house to party with ya all?!!!!!
Question for Ask Grandma J
Why are there no pictures of you?
Do you look like Grandma from Walton's Mountain?...... home baked cookies and pies...grinding your own flour to insure your family has the best?!
Do you look like Two N a Half Men grandma?..........all Hot and miniskirtishs?!! hm mm I don't think that's a word but you get my point.
How about if you show us just your eyes like Wilson from Home Improvement?
See all the TV references....that's why I don't watch it anymore!!
Next question goes to Pink Piddy Paws
How do you have such a well adjusted break-up?
Your so nice.
You should be driving by his house 50x a night
Slashing tires if he's home with someone Else!!!
Calling his friends to "chat"....secretly finding out if he's miserable!!!
Better yet you should be dating his friends!!!
Come on I'll pick you up and we'll go grab some beer and stake-out his house...I mean hunt him no I mean check on him...YEA!!!!!..(Jumping up fist punching into air above my head....looking like Tom Cruise on Dave Letterman)
Ouch I think I hurt myself.....maybe we should just blog about it some more.
In case your wondering I'm just kidding....calm down. I would never do anything like that...till it's me....Then it's a whole new ball game!!
I hope I didn't offend anybody with these Questions
I don't know why Pink Piddy Paws questions are so small!


Philly said...

To answer your questions from #1's side. My hub knows about the blog, no one else. He has asked me to read it and I said NO, just in case I want to bitch about him. He knows I take my camera with me everywhere now, just in case I have a blogging moment , as I call them.It is not quite so hard keeping a secret. Considering my life this is an outlet for me to laugh and enjoy myself.Sometimes it tough, college girl always wants to know why I take the wierdest pictures? Ha !! If she only knew! Like yesterday, she said, "Mom, why did you take a pic of my new blender?"
My answer , Oh your Aunt #2 wanted to see, I was telling her about it.
So see, not so hard keeping secrets.


Philly said...

Oh and another thing, if you guys suddenly appear at my front door,,,,,which btw would fabulous, I would just tell them I went to school with you guys or something, they would never question.


Keeper Of All Things said...

Yes but how are you going to explain PP and I?!!!

Keeper Of All Things said...

ok I think we were leaving a post at the same time!!!!

Grandma J said...

Oh no! I can't believe The Keeper of All Things missed all the pictures of Grandma J! I mean pictures other than the aqua aerobics, sitting with the Disney Princesses, Waving the flag on Memorial Day, helping the women of Yearning for Zion, and so on. I'm talking about the REAL pictures, which means The Keeper hasn't read a whole lot of Grandma J's I will refresh your memory with dates and titles. From the latest going back:

1. What Happens in Vegas - 6/27
2. Graduation Birthday - 6/14
3. Major Road Trip Finale - 5/19
4. More Child Speak - 5/8
5. Yesterday's Lunch Today - 4/21
6. For The Love of Dogs - 3/29
7. When Irish Eyes are Smiling- 3/17

Now, Grandma J has only been blogging for less than 5 months, and there are two pictures of Grandma J on two of those seven posts bringing the total to nine that would be more than one picture per month, almmost two a month!

Now, that begs the question? Why hasn't The Keeper read Grandma J's whole blog? LOL!

Besides, Grandma J lives alone and doesn't have long arms like Bossy to take pictures of herself.

Plastering her picture all over her blog was never the intent in the first place!

Pleasing Procrasinator said...

LOL..This is Great.
I am glad to hear that we would be welcome to visit Sista #1. The keeper and I were discussing this last night. We so want to party with you. Really we are not stalkers...well, maybe a little because we would so be doing the drive-bys on an ex or at least drink with his friends.
My camera now goes everywhere with me too. I was so upset when I left the other day without it.

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

I saw your comment on Grandma J's and I had to comment on your cat photo...I have one ex-feral cat named "Mew," which is cat in Chinese, who could be your cats brother! Also, I can keep a secret forever....I have 2 right now that no one knows nad sometimes I am soooo tempted to tell- but I haven't!

gaining some lb's said...

#2 here. Big F also knows about the blog. He reads it. Sometimes he laughs. My daughters also ask why I take pictures of the dumbest shit. It is one lie after the next.

It has been real hard since they have been visiting. My God everytime I turn around they are there.
Today they are all at the beach!!!!!!!

If you showed up at my door....would tell them I met you at Wallyworld LOL....another lie.
We love company!!!!

I wanna party with bathtub gangsta...that guy is hot.

I think he needs to start visiting blogger friends.


Keeper Of All Things said...

Grandma caught me I only have read the blog since I've been blogging
m,mrs,ma,mom...ok we need to shorten your will now be from here forward (by me at least)called Ms.Mom
the picture is of my fat kitty whos real name is ouie newie we got her already named and I can't spell the correct way....means cubby child in Thai....thats what I was told anyway
so whats your secret?!!
You can tell me I won't tell anyone!!! Honest!!!
And to the Sista' maybe we can Blog Party!!!

Holy Crappers said...



PinkPiddyPaws said...

Ahhh.... Keeper your question is a most "Zen Inducing" one. :)

Well --
#1 - Ranger and I have never been "drama" inclined, so that helps

#2 -- I...I.... (oh just say it!) I love the man. Really, I do.

#3 - Because I love him, I refuse to ask him to change for me. He said "I'm happy the way I am" and I won't be THAT GIRL that asks a man to change to suit my needs.

#4 -- Because with Rangers' personality, there was a smart part of me that said "Stay calm, care for him, be clear and concise and maybe.. just MAYBE... he'll realize what a great thing he's losing and he'll do something about it.

The thing is -- he *DID* come to his senses. ;)

I just haven't blogged about it yet. meow!

Keeper - you just got breaking news in the world of this kitty!

Keeper Of All Things said...

Thanks Kitty for giving me the SCOOP!!!!

Philly said...

OMG,, can't wait to read the blog Pinkpiddy, get on that sucker NOW!!!